Gwydion Stone in wormwood patch

Marteau Absinthe is made by well-known absinthe expert and historian, Gwydion Stone.  It is made strictly according to 19th century processes and formulas taken from early French distilling treatises and is literally the same as what was drunk in Paris 200 years ago!

As the founder of The Wormwood Society, a non-profit organization educating consumers and industry professionals about absinthe, Stone has been in the forefront of grassroots absinthe education since The Wormwood Society was founded in 2004.  

Gwydion came to distilling by way of herbalism and ethnobotany, making extracts for herbal remedies, fragrances and liqueurs in the 1970s and 80s. He also became an avid home-brewer and mead-maker during this time. A passionate artist and craftsman of the historic, a "maker" since his teens, his focus has always been on reviving the past.

His less esoteric interests include cooking, gardening, photography, classic cocktails, cheesemaking, meat curing, and (when there's time) reading about all of the above.

Gwydion resides in Seattle with his wife, their dog, and three cats. He has two adult children and two young grandchildren.