Critical Acclaim For Marteau

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Media and Retailer Reviews

“Based on a 19th-century recipe [...] this small-batch absinthe has become a fast favorite among wormwood traditionalists. Though well received in a variety of mixed drinks, the spirit’s bold anise and fennel flavors show best when tempered very slowly with three to five parts ice water poured over a sugar cube.”

— The Robb Report, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

“The mixology club tried your absinthe and they loved it.  It was by far our favorite. If you are ever in the NY area, I would love for you to come up and speak to the students.”

— Douglass Miller, Instructing Lecturer,
Culinary Institute of America

 “The guy who makes this, Gwydion Stone, is one of the world's experts on absinthe. His version has that stops-you-in-your-tracks quality.”

— Details Magazine

 “Cocktailnerd reviews three very different and distinctive absinthes and thinks Gwydion Stone may be magic.”  “Marteau de la Belle Époque attempts to recreate a historically accurate portrayal of the absinthes tasted by our forebears and if this is what it was, it’s no wonder it became as popular as it did.”  “A genuine absinthe that presents exactly what a buyer deserves: no gimmicks, no artificiality, and no short-cuts.”

— Gabriel Szaszko, author of CocktailNerd blog

“… this absinthe is not only the most authentic domestic version made since 1912, it is also the best.”  “For once, the high price tag for an absinthe bottle matches the quality of the spirit within it.”  “Do some research and you'll find that practically every top mixologist or cocktail expert is raving about the Marteau...”

— K&L Wine & Spirits California Retailer

“ … there is no question in my mind that Marteau is the paradigm of what good absinthe should taste like. It has such amazing balance. It reveals its layers gradually.”  “As far as I'm concerned, there is Marteau and then there is everybody else.”

— Ace Beverage, Washington D.C. Retailer

“WOW! Thank you very much. What a great way to celebrate Fat Tuesday by sampling my first Marteau Absinthe. Stunningly beautiful, my bar team is very jazzed about having it and it clearly lived up to its billing.”

— Eddie and the gang at Eddie Papa's


Wormwood Society Absinthe Association, Expert Reviews

“Something like this not only takes the vision, but the most adroit hand of a skilled artist.”

“You could make the argument that this defines modern absinthe at the high end.”

“From start to finish, Marteau is a pleasure: Beautiful in the glass, through the louche and from the first sip to the last.”

“The flavors are balanced and exciting, the aroma is enticing…”

“Marteau is an extraordinarily delicious absinthe. The prerequisite comparisons to beverages of old are deserved and the name “Belle Époque” becomes obvious. …”

“After trying a few of the prototypes, I was extremely excited to see this hit the shelves!”

“While this brand is very deep and complex, I can see it winning favor both with experienced absintheurs and newcomers alike.  Very well done!”


Wormwood Society Absinthe Association, Consumer Reviews

“The bar has been raised. Gwydion Stone's Marteau de la Belle Époque is an outstanding absinthe and has solidly placed America side-by-side with the best absinthe producers in the world.”

“... ultra classy and fine. Balanced, stylish, reserved. Outstanding and complex nose and palate further punctuated by a texture that is akin to a finely grained tapestry. And for all this finesse, it holds up to the boldest of ryes in a Sazerac...”

“... I have died and gone to absinthe heaven. From my understanding, it wasn't easy to get this off the ground and on the shelves with all the government red tape. But good things come to those with patience, and there is already a loyal following, well at least here in New Orleans....”

“My first sip exploded on my taste buds like a million new flavors and I was so taken back by it that I couldn't even sort them all out! Very rich and spicy. The spices are explosive, and mind boggling, with different flavors coming out at different times from the first sip, to the after taste. Absolutely amazing.”